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Let us design a house you’ll love to come home to.
When it comes to creating spaces for people to live in, we design with long-term pleasure and practicality in mind. Our top priority with residential architecture is shaping your property into a home that matches your personality and enhances your lifestyle. Whether this means blending in seamlessly with the neighbourhood or becoming the suburb’s standout house, you can rely on our experienced architects to understand your vision and bring it to life....

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Impress your guests with spaces designed for success.
In the hospitality industry, first impressions are vital. A building that’s delightful to enter suggests to your customer or guest that they will have a wonderful time staying or dining in your establishment. Backing the entrance statement up with quality design and finishes throughout the building and its surrounds and providing a streamlined service is what will bring the customer back for more. HHH Architects will design your business with a view to optimising operational aspects....

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To achieve commercial success, it’s essential to stand out from the crowd. Your store or office needs to be:
• A space where customers or clients can enjoy spending time
• A strong reflection of your brand’s identity
• A practical environment that promotes productivity from your staff.
When your company’s location works well for your employees and for your guests, you’ll find it also works well for your profits! Trust the expert team at HHH Architects to help you achieve this.

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Education architecture requires thoughtful analysis of teaching pedagogy, practical needs, spatial context,outlook, orientation and above all the physical embodiment of the school ethos and aspirations.

We bring our experience and expertise to bear in order to ensure that project resolutions are poetic rather than merely pragmatic. Form and proportion, colour and texture, light and shade, materials and massing must all combine to provide the elusive X-factor. We will provide it.

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Give your facility a warm and welcoming touch with a clever design.
When it comes to healthcare and retirement, it’s important for clinics and centres to have a stimulating and nurturing environment. All too often, a doctor’s office or aged care home can end up feeling cold and clinical – like a traditional ward with white walls and no personality.
With our vast experience and keen design intuition, the HHH team can help you build or renovate your facility so that it feels more like a home and less like a hospital.

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